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Dr. Walter Jap Tjoen San

Board member

Dr. Walther Jap obtained his medical degree (MD) at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands in 1978. He started his career as Medical Director in the medical department of a pharmaceutical company where he was responsible for initiating clinical trials and the registration of new developed drugs. He then transitioned next to the department of pharmacology of the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he started experiments in animal models. These experiments resulted in his thesis "Cardioprotection in experimental cardioplegia and ischemia, the influence of drugs and hypothermia". The thesis was successfully defended and he acquired his PHD  in 1988 from the University of Amsterdam. Meanwhile he started his training in cardiology at the University Hospital of Amsterdam (AMC). After obtaining his certificate as a certified cardiologist, he initiated his career as cardiologist at the Gelre Hospital in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Here he became the chief trainer in cardiology in close collaboration with training hospitals in Nieuwegein and Zwolle, both in the Netherlands. During this period of time he was also involved in a variety of clinical trials, both contract and non contract clinical research. In 2008 he advanced his career as cardiologist and chief trainer in cardiology at the Academic Hospital Paramaribo, Suriname. He concurrently holds the position as President of the board of the medical staff of the Academic Hospital and is one of the active members of the board of the research department. Dr. Jap is also one of the active appointed board members of the ethical committee of the Ministery of Health of Suriname. Dr. Jap is especially interested in research concerning cardiovascular risk and ethnicity.

Dr. Stephen Vreden

Board member

Dr. Stephen Vreden studied medicine at Erasmus University Rotterdam and went on to complete his training of internal medicine at St. Radboud in Nijmegen University Hospital, The Netherlands. He was additionally trained as an infectiologist at the Leiden University Medical Center. At the St. Radboud department of internal medicine in Nijmegen University Hospital, he integrated his previous work together with conducting scientific research, mostly in the field of malaria. This involved successive vaccine-research, field research in Tanzania and eventually basic immunological research in an animal model, which culminated in a dissertation in 1994. Since January 1996, he has been working as an internist-infectiologist in Suriname, initially in the Diakonessenhuis and now for over seven years at the Academic Hospital Paramaribo (AZP). The high incidence of Malaria in almost the entire interior of Suriname immediately grabbed his attention and as a consultant for the Medical Mission, he worked on protocols for a more structured approach to the disease. The Amazon network for surveillance of Malaria resistance (RAVREDRA), founded in 2001 and funded by USAID, created the possibility here to do something through research and the implementation of new treatment strategies. The final success in the fight against Malaria is also largely due to the availability of funds and contributions from the Global Fund.

In addition to Malaria, HIV/AIDS is also a major challenge for the Surinamese health care. Along with fellow internist drs. Marja van Eer, he worked on a systematic approach for the treatment of this disease in Suriname. In 2000 they founded the Foundation Scientific Research Suriname (SWOS), and through determined fund-raising they were able to successfully carry out scientific research.

Additionally, he trained groups of Internal Medicine residents in Suriname through the Association of Internal Medicine Specialists, and later he trained specialists through the Presidency of the Specialists Registration Commission (SRC) of the Association of the Medics in Suriname (VMS).

After his move to the AZP he was appointed coordinator for the Centre of Excellence (COE) for (negelected) Infectious Diseases. Since 2012 he has coordinated the AZP internship for infectious diseases fellows from various Dutch training clinics. His research activities in the field of infectious diseases are now being carried out in a partnership between the SWOS and the newly established Research Center of the AZP, SRCS.



Severity of Acute Zika virus infection: a prospective emergency room surveillance study during the 2015-2016 outbreak in Suriname

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