Medical Mission, MeKi Tamara project partner

24 June 2016

This project focuses on women and children, given the fact that Suriname has a high perinatal mortality rate (40/1000). This research is to primarly assess a possible link between the high perinatal mortality and intake of neurotoxic agents through consumption of the daily diet and how these will have long term effect on our medical condition.

Nationwide 1000 pregnant women and their children will be followed and monitored on the effects of neurotoxic exposure for 5 years. From the 1000 study subjects, 200 will be provided from the area’s where MZ is active. Apart from the research, people will also be trained to identify future genetic diseases by collecting DNA.

This project is a collaboration between the AZP research center, Medische  Zending Primary Health Care Suriname, Tulane University, The Anton de Kom University of Suriname and the National Zoological Collection.

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